Re Purposing the Old Sweater Dress

striped midi dress sweater dress black boots and brown belt

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striped midi dress

Striped Sweater Dress 1

archways black and white striped dress midi length

brown belt black boots and midi dress

striped bodycon midi dress black chelsea boots

pretty doorway striped dress

striped midi dress dark lips

striped midi dress black boots

closeup portrait shots brown belt stripes

striped sweater dress midi dress black boots

I have a love/hate relationship with dresses. I love them because they are pretty, girly and easy to throw on as a complete outfit without having to figure out what goes with it. I hate them because of social media and the faux pas of repeating your outfits. I for one don’t get the negative connotations associated with repeating ones outfits. Is repeating your attire such a major gaffe that it repeatedly gains focus as media news and articles? I shamelessly repeat and over repeat my outfits multiple times, because if I like the look of it and makes me feel confident, why wouldn’t I wear the exact same ensemble again? This gets a little more tricky and noticeable when it comes to wearing dresses though. You wear the dress once, click a thousand pictures in them and then don’t want to wear it again due to the said amount of pictures flashed over multiple social media accounts. So what do you usually do when you have already flaunted a particular outfit?

I have worn the dress worn in this blog post several times, more times than I can count on my fingers. I have worn it on a birthday, to the club, grocery store, doctor’s appointment and more recently, while strolling about downtown on the weekend. I have worn it with heels, sneakers, sandals/mules and this time with boots. To add a little something to the outfit, I cinched my waist with a wide brown belt that I took off of a leather jacket I bought from Forever 21 during winter last year. Adding a few elements, dressing them up/down can help you repeat your dresses if you feel like you don’t want to wear the exact same attire again. Or if you are like me, wear the exact same outfit multiple times and don’t care what others might think!

What I’m Wearing:

  1. Forever 21 Striped Midi Dress (similar here)
  2. London Rebel Ankle Boots (similar here)
  3. Forever 21 Belt (similar here)

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