fishnet stockings under mom jeans

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Okay, I caved. I have been seeing this trend (don’t like this word for some reason) of fishnet stockings worn under jeans/shorts/skirts and what not since the end of last year. At first I thought, wow this totally reminds me of those weird vests worn by fishermen and bollywood actors back in the day. But then, as always, I have the terrible habit of despising every new “trend” that becomes hugely popular. A few months in, I start opening up to it, and then when it finally dies down and everyone is onto the next best thing, I am hooked! Is that a bad thing? To be a season too late on everything?!

Coming back to the outfit worn in this post, it took two people (including me) and a whole twenty minutes to get the stockings on! Might sound like a total nightmare, but the whole fiasco was too hilarious not to mention. Try having someone stretch it out for you, so you can just slide your feet in. Also, curl your toes inward to avoid having it get stuck every five seconds. I paired it with these super ripped mom jeans that I got recently and an old crop top that also kind of has the whole mesh/fishnet feel to it. As for the shoes, can it get any cuter? I have been on the lookout for colored sneakers besides my black and white converse and trainers for quite some time. The rust color is not too bright for me, yet it definitely comprises as adding some ‘color’ into my wardrobe.

Let me know your thoughts on fishnet stockings and your experiences in getting them on below! Have a nice day 🙂

What I’m Wearing:

  1. Forever 21 Cropped Top (similar here and here)
  2. ASOS Farleigh Mom Jeans
  3. ASOS Diaz Sneakers
  4. ASOS Fishnet Stockings

Shop the look:

black crop top


black mesh crop top

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rust sneakers red sneakers asos sneaker

fishnet stockings



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