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Do you fall asleep with your phone on yourself, your laptop besides you and/or the television still running? Or do you shut everything off in the hopes of getting good sleep before your important meeting the next day only to find yourself scrolling through ASOS at 3am adding those “oh so cute” shoes into your cart? Either way, you’re probably reading this because you realize you need to get better/more sleep every night. Here are a few things that have helped me get the whole “8 hours of beauty sleep” right:

1. Try and set a fixed time:

Now I know there are days when you will have to complete your chores or just have to watch an episode of Quantico before you can actually try going to bed, but setting a fixed time to sleep every night can help your body recognize when it needs to start shutting off. My mother has been asking me to do this for the longest time, and  not until I finally got a job and had no choice but to be up and running by 8am every single day did I actually start listening to her and realized that it worked!

2. Have calming uncaffeinated tea:

Chamomile and certain other herbal teas are known to help you fight stress, relax and help you get sound sleep at night. Some of these teas include the same compounds that are used in supplements that promote sleep, like chamomile and valerian. Although there isn’t any solid evidence that proves how certain teas help you sleep better, the whole idea of winding down with your favorite tea at the end of the day does promote relaxation.

3. Keep the technology away:

This might seem like the most difficult thing to achieve when you are really attached to your cell phone. Reading a book can be equally entertaining without having to strain your eyes staring into a screen. Besides transporting you to la la land, reading before bed does help you fall asleep faster (at least it does to me).

4. Work out later in the day:

If all else fails, try working out in the evenings/night after work. Although working out in the mornings might have been your go-to routine, working out later in the day will tire you out enough to help get better sleep at night. Personally, a swim before dinner seems ideal to me, as it gets me really excited and hungry for dinner and exhausts me enough to help me sleep like a baby.

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